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  • Gypsum compound Ready mixed Pail
Gypsum compound Ready mixed Pail

Gypsum compound Ready mixed Pail


BoardOK Plaster & Putty

It is a ready to use compound, used for joint filler and repair purposes and additionally apply as
topping coat material for interior sites.
This compound contains high quality fomulation which combines binding and flexibility properties
and enables all purpose usageby a single product. It’s superior performance allows simple,
easy and quick application. It forms an excellent ready to paint surface without any extra material.


*Ready to use

*High adhesion and binding

*High flexibility and crack resistance.

*Easy to apply

*Sound and smooth surface

*Low paint consumption


1. Taping:

Fill BOARD AND WALL READYMIX in a thin layer by using spatula on the joints of gypsumboard to bond the tape.
Cut the joint tape to the desired length and coat by centering on the joints of the gypsumboard.
Be careful that there should be minimum 1mm thickness BOARD AND WALL READYMIX under the joint tape.
Also at this step, the corner beads are fixed by BOARD AND WALL READYMIX.
Please wait to harden and dry.
2. Filling the Joints:
2nd layer of BOARD AND WALL READYMIX is applied on the coated joints about 200mm width.
At this step, be sure that all joints, corner beads and screw holes are completely filled.
Before the coating step, allow sufficient time for drying before proceeding to the coating step.
3. Topcoat Process:
Apply BOARD AND WALL READYMIX in double direction by scrapping vertically and horizontally on ready
to coat and dry surface by using steel trowel. All surfaces sholud be coated minimum 2mm thickness to
have a smooth and flat surface ready to paint.
Sanding may be performed when it hardens and dries in about 24 hours.
If it will be used for repair purpose, the application thickness should be adjusted according to surface conditions.

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