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  • BoardOK Gypsum Board
BoardOK Gypsum Board

BoardOK Gypsum Board

 standard paper-faced plasterboard
made with high purity gypsum core, excellent and high strength environmental protection tissue
paper and additive
,is a kind of high qualitypaper-backed plasterboard.BoardOK standard paper-faced 
plasterboard completely conforms to China GB/T9775 standard
,and American ASTM C36 standard.

1. Use timber pulp paper, with high strength and good tenacity;
2. Plaster has respiratory function, which can adjust indoor temperature; 
3. Use advanced equipment and international advanced production technologies; 
4. If the purity of desulphurization gypsum is over 90%, it is not radioactive;
5. Add non-alkali refractory fiber, so that standard board has certain refractory function;
6. Additive agent from Europe and America; 
7. Light weight, so it can be transported easily;
8. High strength of compression resistance and fracture resistance; 
9. The core of plasterboard has unique foaming and hard-edge technology;
10. The depth and width of wedge-shape increase, which is convenient for seaming;

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